Creating works of art that will inspire memories, love, life,  the joys of our days, and the possibilities of tomorrow.

About me

Looking at my work one might think that my work is like other artist today, but it's not, in fact there are very few who can do what I'm doing and even fewer that can do it well.  I was trained as a classical painter having spent endless hours painting from life, I also spent the better part of the last 6years learning about the digital image and how the digital and the painted image can be merged into a single image. This in itself sets my work apart from most others, but I now have the ability to paint on the large format images I've created.

What makes this so amazing is two fold, 1-it creates the image as a more dimensional piece and 2- it creates the photo, once delicate and easily ruined now able to be handled and withstand the forces that might harm the image, more like that of an oil on canvas. The photo now is a piece of art and this cannot be challenged.

With cameras attached to ones phone and the accessibility of the camera, as a consumer of art it is important that we as artist not just click a picture but have an eye and be able to create that image into our way of seeing it, so that when you trust us to buy one of our images, that you are sure to get something that shows how we see the world in both image and technique.